Abu Marzouk: Hamas is the pulse of the Nation

Abu Marzouk: Hamas is the pulse of the Nation

Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy political bureau chairman of Hamas, has said that his Movement would remain the prime advocate of the resistance option against occupation and would remain adamant regarding the Palestinian people’s constants and holy shrines because it is the “pulse of the Arab and Islamic Nation”.

Abu Marzouk, speaking at a lecture in Damascus on Saturday on latest Palestinian developments, said that resistance would continue as long as occupation continued.

He added that Hamas takes into account the Palestinian people’s interests when deciding on the means of resistance to the especially after they were punished for their democratic choice with tightening siege by Israel and the world community and with a scandalous participation of the Ramallah authority.

The Hamas leader revealed that big efforts were underway in a bid to revive resistance in the West Bank despite the Israeli occupation authority and the Ramallah authority’s integrated role against it.

Abu Marzouk emphasized that Hamas contributed in the digging of tunnels in the Gaza Strip to smuggle food and clothes to the people, adding that Mahmoud Abbas, the former PA chief and Fatah leader, should have worked for allowing entry of people’s needs over the ground instead of attacking those tunnels