• December 21, 2006
  • 4 minutes read

Abu Marzouk: Hamas Rejects Al Zawahri Statements

Abu Marzouk: Hamas Rejects Al Zawahri Statements

Al Zawahri Urges Hamas Reject Elections
Abu Marzouk Says Hamas never Abandoned Rational Resistance

Ayman Al-Zawahiri said that ” Conspiracies are woven in Palestine against the concept of jihad”, accusing the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, of being ” the man of America”.
Al Zawahri said in a new audio tape that Al-Jazeera satellite channel aired, that any way other than the method of jihad will lead only to loss and failure, and that those trying to liberate the abode of Islam through elections ” which are based on secular constitutions or on decisions of handing over Palestine to the Jews, will never free even a grain of sand of Palestine”.
Al Zawahri expected that such attempts will lead to ” ending jihad and besieging the jihadists, inquiring ” why haven’t they demanded that Palestine adopts an Islamic constitution before running for any elections?” referring implicitly to Hamas movement.
Also, Al Zawahri said that approving Mahmoud Abbas”s legitimacy who is ” the man of America in Palestine” and authorizing the Palestinian Liberation Organization- which Israel recognizes- to negotiate with Israel ” is an abyss that will eventually lead to eradicating jihad and to recognizing Israel”.
Al Zawahri added that it is useless to hold a dialogue with the West because it will not be satisfied whatever the skills of ” maneuvering and arguing”.

For his part, Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy chairman of the politburo of Hamas movement, told Ikhwanweb that “ Al Zawahri”s statements express his views and ideology which are totally different from our views; every one knows to what extent the ideology of the Hamas movement clearly contradicts with Al-Qaeda network’s method adopted by Dr. Al Zawahri; Hamas restricts resistance to only inside the Palestinian occupied territories and it does not exercise any operations outside them.

Abu Marzouk added that Hamas movement has crystal clear constants in dealing with the occupation forces and that its participation in the political process doesn’t mean abandoning the resistance agenda but is an action for the resistance and a support to the resistance through a political cover.
Abu Marzouk pointed out that the operation Wasted Illusion and other resistance operations took place under Hamas government.
Abu Marzouk confirmed that Hamas movement does not exercise resistance for resistance sake but for ending occupation and seeking liberation for the Palestinian people.
Abu Marzouk added that it is wrong to restrict resistance to only resisting weapons, as the resistance has several means, including the political participation and resisting culture and other many means of resistance that we seek to support and educate the Palestinian people on them through the political participation.
Regarding the current situations, Abu Marzouk said that what is currently happening in the Palestinian territories “serves only the Zionist enemy”, pointing out that Hamas has repeatedly warned that “any political step or measure will make the Palestinian situation tense and under explosion”, referring to the call of the PA president, Abbas, for holding early elections.
The deputy chairman of Hamas politburo said that:” there is an irresponsible group” that seeks to lead slyly and maliciously the Palestinian people towards disagreeing and in-fighting; people shouldn’t listen to them to save our people this infighting that serves only the Zionist enemy”, pointing out that the deterioration of the security situation resulted from Abbas’ latest speech in which he called for holding early elections, and he said” We wished the president speech had been dedicated to something other than this”.
Dr. Abu Marzouk called on the Arab, Islamic and friendly countries to ” exert good and sufficient efforts to stop these consequences and condemn what the Zionist entity, Britain and The United States do, including establishing schism and increasing seditions through their continuous talks about supporting a Palestinian team and excluding another, although they claim supporting democracy and that they are keen on its principles.
It is worth mentioning that this is the second audio tape released by Al Zawahri since late September when he attacked the US president, George Bush and the Pope of the Vatican Pope and called for jihad in Darfur.
Nearly three months ago, Al Zawahri rejected- in another tape- the idea of holding a referendum on a Palestinian state that recognizes Israel.