Abu Marzouk: Qalqilia massacre would be discussed on the dialog table

Abu Marzouk: Qalqilia massacre would be discussed on the dialog table

Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy-head of Hamas”s political bureau, has confirmed that the Movement”s delegation headed by Khaled Mishaal, the Movement”s top political official, would discuss the recent events in the West Bank with the Egyptian officials in Cairo.


In an interview with the PIC on Monday, Abu Marzouk described what had happened in Qalqilia city as “plain crime” that enhances the Zionist dominance, and fulfills the program of US General Keith Dayton who built the PA security forces in the West Bank and called its elements the “neo-Palestinians”.


“This term is strange for the Palestinian people, and thus the incident in Qalqilia would indeed have its ramifications, and would affect the ongoing Palestinian national dialog in Cairo”, Abu Marzouk pointed out.


He stressed that being the sponsor of the dialog, Egypt should have some obligations towards the wrongdoings committed by those forces in the West Bank, adding that the issue would be opened and discussed at the dialogue table.


“We simply couldn’t ignore the security issue in the West Bank… we should discuss it for the good of the future of the Palestinian national dialog”, confirmed Abu Marzouk.


When asked whether the speech of US president Barack Obama in Cairo, and the issue of Gilad Shalit would be discussed with the Egyptians, he replied, “Actually, it is Egypt that invited us for talks, and thus we don’t know what exactly the files that will be discussed in the talks, but I think there are no indicators that the file of Shalit is on the table”.


But Abu Marzouk welcomed news reports on the possible return of the Egyptian security delegation to Gaza Strip without confirming or denying the reports.


“We have heard such news reports through media outlets …. We welcome the return of the Egyptian security delegation, and we believe that it will have a positive impact in many aspects, especially the issue of the Rafah crossing point”, the Hamas prominent figure underscored.