Abu Marzouk: The PA delegation’s statements undermines Yemeni efforts

Abu Marzouk: The PA delegation’s statements undermines Yemeni efforts

Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy head of the Hamas political bureau, said that the statements of the PA leadership and its delegation to Sana”a that Hamas did not approve the Yemeni initiative and was not ready for dialog aimed at undermining the Yemeni efforts to bridge the rift in the Palestinian arena.

Dr. Abu Marzouk underlined that the statements of Azzam Al-Ahmed, the representative of the Fatah faction in the PA leadership”s delegation, in this regard reflect an unstable condition in his mentality and psychology.

The Hamas leader questioned the seriousness of PA chief Mahmoud Abbas to reach a solution to the inter-Palestinian crisis, pointing out in this regard that Abbas knows well that the problem is between Fatah and Hamas and the two movements are only concerned with dialog, but sending a delegation of the central council of the PLO means that he is not serious at all.

The Hamas leader explained that the Movement”s delegation was not within its duties or knowledge that it would meet a delegation of the PLO to discuss the Yemeni initiative.

Informed Palestinian sources in Ramallah had revealed to the PIC that the PLO delegation was in a state of confusion and uncertainty during its meetings with the Hamas delegates which was reflected in the decision of the PA leadership to withdraw its delegation and then to backtrack on it as well as the sudden departure of Al-Ahmed to Amman.

In another related context, the Hamas leader opined that a return to the political status quo ante before 14th of June 2007 does not necessarily mean the return of chaos, adding that the Palestinian people want a better life and options in conformity with their aspirations.

The Hamas leader highlighted that Hamas could make compromises with regard to its interests, but it can never be tolerant concerning the Palestinian constants such as recognizing Israel and surrendering the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people especially their right to resistance.

In the same context, Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza, stated that the Movement is ready for dialog with Fatah on the basis of the seven items of the Yemeni initiative, holding the PA chief and Fatah responsible for any obstruction.

Barhoum said that the statements of the PA chief and the representatives of his delegation were issued to poison the atmosphere of dialog in Yemen, considering their decision to withdraw the delegation a reflection of their intention to obstruct the Yemeni efforts.