Abu Marzouk: the Tel Aviv Operation is a Natural Reaction to the Israeli Escalation

Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, deputy chief of the Political Bureau of Hamas, affirmed that “the Tel Aviv explosion that took place today comes as a natural reaction to the unjustified Israeli escalation.”
Abu Marzouk added “how can we criticize the Palestinian people when they respond to the killing of tens of Palestinians every day, to detentions and prevention of all kinds of aid and do not criticize the Israeli side which commits daily attacks against the Palestinian people?”
Abu Marzouk stressed that “the Palestinian people faces an actual war of extermination both from the Israeli side and the international community which has cut off aid to the Palestinian people.” With regard to the future prospects of the current truce observed by the Palestinians, Abu Marzouk said “Israel did put an end to the truce longtime ago, through its continuous raids. Israeli security practices are incomprehensible.”
It is worth mentioning that Israeli troops have, over recent days alone, killed 15 members of the Palestinian people’s resistance groups.
The Palestinian people has actually been facing a real catastrophe since the latest legislative elections which gave rise to the Hamas government.