Abu Marzouk Accuses Israel of Orchestrating Gaza Violence

Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk accused Israel, the United States and some Arab countries which he didn’t name, of standing behind resumed acts of violence in Gaza Strip .
Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the Hamas politburo deputy chairman, detailed in a statement to Ikhwanweb why violence returned to Gaza:” All of us saw and heard the threats issued by Israeli occupation forces IOF and all ministers topped by the Prime Minister Olmert. These threats stopped suddenly and the Israeli Cabinet declared that the operation of attacking Gaza was halted and that this operation will be replaced alternative plans for attacking Hamas and the resistance. On the following day, we watched the assassinations and hostilities which Hamas has been accused of allegedly carrying them out without any tangible proof or justification for the movement to do so.
Abu Marzouk confirmed that Hamas points a finger of a accusation at the fifth column inside the Palestinian arenas, and that all Palestinian factions must be well aware of the message that the IOF sent in the last days and not to participate in any acts of violence.
Abu Marzouk pointed out there is outrage and anger are engulfing the Palestinian peoples due to the policy of blockade and starvation that the US administration and IOF are adopting against the Palestinians to punish them for their democratic choice. This state of outrage and tension is snowballing specially in the inter-Palestinian fighting.
Abu Marzouk warned of the incitements carried out by the US administration, occupation forces and some Arab countries which he didn’t name, through providing a Palestinian party with weapons and money to fight the other party. He considered this an irresponsible incitement whose consequences will be bad for all parties.
When asked whether Hamas regretted that it participated in the last elections and political action, Abu Marzouk said:” Hamas has never regretted this, because Hamas was and is still playing a pivotal role in the Palestinian political process. It added to the resistance program a program for reforming the Palestinian domestic affairs. Every one knows how much corruption from which people are suffering. Hamas sought power to ease the suffering of the Palestinian people and to support the resistance.
After we won the parliamentary elections and formed a cabinet, we were surprised with a US-led international campaign to punish the Palestinian people for voting for Hamas, said Abou Marzouk.
The politburo deputy chief described this US attitude as unscrupulous and is violating the simplest international laws.
Asked about the future of the National Unity Government after the Interior Minister Hani Al Qawasmi called it quits and whether there will be another agreement between Hamas and Fatah over a new Interior Minister according to Mecca declaration specially under current tensions, Abu Marzouk said:” PM Ismail Haniya is currently an acting Interior Minister till there is another agreement on a new one for the post. The only solution for the current situation is to reach an agreement.
Regarding his solution for the current dilemma, Abu Marzouk said:” Both Hamas and Fatah must know that the current crisis can’t solved through a military confrontation or through eradicating each other. It can only be solved through coexistence, political participation and making dialogue the primary means for dealing between both parties and through avoiding any inter-Palestinian infighting.

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