Abu-Obeida: Hamas Completely Innocent of Egypt Violence

Abu-Obeida: Hamas Completely Innocent of Egypt Violence

The Qassam Brigades spokesman, Abu-Obeida, accused Egyptian media of trying to drag Hamas into Egypt’s internal troubles and tarnish the image of Hamas and Qassam Brigades, adding that “certain newspapers in Cairo are spreading lies, claiming that Qassam Brigades were involved in the killing of Egyptian soldiers in the Holy month of Ramadan, and that the Qassam Brigades threatened the Egyptian army. All that is not true”.

Abu-Obeida denounced the role played by Al-Arabiya satellite TV channel and Al-Ahram newspaper in vilifying the resistance and the Qassam Brigades, stressing that all legal action available will be taken against lying media outlets.

“The relationship between Palestinian resistance and the Egyptian people after the revolution is in the best shape yet. The Egyptian people know Al-Qassam Brigades and its work well. Those who serve dubious agendas and write with poisoned pens do not like this situation. So, they desperately attempt to sow strife between the resistance and the Egyptian people and other Arab peoples”, he said.

"Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), will remain the safety-valve of the Egyptian and Arab national security, and will never work against the people or the government of Egypt.

"Al-Ahram newspaper has published unfounded lies, figments of the imagination of the newspaper’s chief editor, in a race to complement the despicable role of Zionist media."