Abu Ras: Multinational lawmakers are due to visit Gaza early next month

Abu Ras: Multinational lawmakers are due to visit Gaza early next month

Dr. Marwan Abu Ras, the head of the parliamentary committee to break the siege, stated Monday that a large multinational parliamentary delegation is expected to make a humanitarian visit to the Gaza Strip at the beginning of November.

Dr. Abu Ras underlined that the Brussels-based European campaign to lift the siege worked during the last period on rallying a large number of European, Arab, African, Asian and Latin American lawmakers to participate in a group visit to the besieged Gaza Strip.

The lawmaker opined that this step is considered an advanced stage on the path of breaking the unjust Israeli siege on the Gaza people and a step to preserve the human dignity and rights which are bragged about by regimes involved blatantly in besieging Gaza.

The lawmaker called in this regard on all concerned humanitarian organizations to support this delegation and facilitate its entry into the Strip to get closely familiar with the suffering of Gaza people under the Israeli siege.

In another context, Ayad Al-Qarra, the media advisor to the PLC presidency, told the Quds Press news agency that a parliamentary delegation headed by Dr. Ahmed Bahr, the acting speaker of the PLC, will make visits soon to a number of Arab and Islamic countries including Qatar, Bahrain, Syria, Iran and Indonesia.

Qarra said that the aim of these visits is to inform the Arab and Islamic parliaments about the situation in the Palestinian arena under the suffocating siege imposed on the Palestinian people and the ongoing efforts to end the internal discord.