Abu Sha’ar: The IOA demolishes more Palestinian homes in O. Jerusalem

Abu Sha’ar: The IOA demolishes more Palestinian homes in O. Jerusalem

Palestinian Awkaf minister Dr. Talib Abu Sha’ar has warned Monday of the Israeli occupation authority’s (IOA) policy of demolishing tens of Palestinian homes in the occupied city of Jerusalem with the pretext they have no building permits.

He noted that based on the reports from the occupied city, nearly one-third of the Palestinian homes in the Shayyah suburb were threatened with demolition, accusing the IOA of working to confiscate more Palestinian lands in the suburb in order to expand the nearby Jewish cemetery.

Around 15,000 Palestinian Jerusalemites are living in the suburb, and hundreds of families fear for their future and the future of their children in the event their homes are destroyed.

The suburb has demographic and strategic location as it connects Palestinian homes together and forms a buffer between the Palestinian homes and the Jewish cemetery.

In the same context, the Palestinian minister condemned the Israeli assault on the Shafat refugee camp and the arrest of tens of Palestinian youths and minors there in addition to wounding tens of them.

Palestinian School children were terrified when they saw hundreds of Israeli soldiers backed with armored vehicles and copters cordoning their camp and shooting at their families inside it.

Shafat is the only refugee camp in the occupied city of Jerusalem, which explains the frenzied efforts of the IOA to get rid of it.