Abu Sha’ar warns of Israeli schemes to build new housing units in Jerusalem

Abu Sha’ar warns of Israeli schemes to build new housing units in Jerusalem

GAZA,  Palestinian Endowments and Religious Affairs minister Dr. Taleb Abu Sha’ar warned that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) plans to erect 1,600 new illegal settlement units in the occupied city of Jerusalem within a short time.

Abu Sha’ar said in a statement on Friday that the IOA will begin constructing in 11 ready for settlement neighborhoods after the settlement freeze ends Sept. 26.

The minister then commented on the acts by Israeli border guard officers who carried out Friday evening a round of provocation at the pretext of inspecting damages against settlers in Ain Silwan, south of the Aqsa Mosque, after violent clashes broke out between Jewish extremist groups and Palestinians when they tried to raid the historical Ain Silwan mosque located on Wadi Halwa Street near the Bustan neighborhood.

The Silwan defense committee said in a press statement that a group of settlers from the militant Elad association attempted to storm the Ain Silwan mosque from one of the doors using oxygen to break it, but they ran away quickly when Palestinian citizens arrived at the scene.

Abu Sha’ar denounced the Israeli border guard raid while praising the residents of Wadi Halwa who confronted the Israelis who infiltrated against the mosque, saying: “The events that took place yesterday in Silwan, including clashes, arrests, and bloodshed of citizens, is a historical rooted tag over the times.”