Abu Sha’ar: Jerusalem and Aqsa are facing most dangerous scheme since 1948

Abu Sha’ar: Jerusalem and Aqsa are facing most dangerous scheme since 1948

Dr. Talib Abu Sha”ar the minister of endowments and religious affairs said that the city of Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque are facing the most treacherous scheme since the Zionist occupation in 1948.


He said, in a statement on Friday, that the demolition orders continue to be handed to Jerusalem citizens on a daily basis, the latest of which was a batch of eight demolition orders handed to eight Palestinian residents of the Selwan neighbourhood to the south of the Aqsa Mosque.


He added that another 88 Palestinian homes in the Bustan neighbourhood were also threatened with demolitions so that the Israeli occupation could build Talmudic gardens linked to the alleged temple.


The Minister further condemned Zionist plans to hold gigs, just outside the Haram wall opposite the Marwani prayer area of the Aqsa Mosque, to market the rebuilding of the alleged temple, adding that holding those gigs at the outside doors of this prayer area (called by the Israelis Solomon”s Stables) reinforces reports about Israeli plans to take over the Marwani prayer area and convert it into a synagogue.


He also condemned the arrest, by the IOF, of the Aqsa Mosque Imam and his banishment  to Jericho on the grounds that he does not hold a Jerusalem ID card.


He called upon Muslim governments and people to defend the holy city, its Palestinian residents and the Aqsa Mosque in the face of these evil Zionist schemes.a