Abu Sleem Incident Is Heinous Massacre, Libyan MP Says

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Libyan MB Chairman Eng. Suleiman Abdul Kader condemned the recent incident in Abu Sleem Prison in which two prisoners were killed and many others were reportedly injured at the hands of the prison guard only because those prisoners staged a sit in protesting extrajudicial sentences against them.  “ While we sympathize with the victims’ families, we strongly condemn these irresponsible acts which are nothing but a violation of human rights”, he said,  The Libyan MB Chairman also warned  of the failure of the reform project, citing the decision issued by some revolutionary committees rejecting to reinstate university professors back to their jobs in Libyan universities. “ This poses a threat to the reform project launched by Seif el Islam el Gaddafi on improvement of human rights”, he said, wondering how the Libyan citizens will react to the reform project while they see such serious violations and such marginalization of other political forces. “ we are in dire need of laws which have supremacy over all state establishments and security and revolutionary agencies, and secure human rights in a way that brings about trust between the regime and the people, otherwise, the envisaged reform project will go down the drain”, he added.
Reports say that the prisoners still refuse to go back to their cellars and ask their families to urge local and international human rights organizations to step in and protect them from the harassment and assaults of the security agencies. It is noted that this recent incident recall to mind the mass killings which took place in Abu Sleem detention centre In Tripoli in 1996 when at least 1200 were killed and many others were wounded, only because the prisoners then asked for better living conditions and better treatment on the part of the security authorities.