Abu Zeid demands removal of all landmines in Western Sahara

Abu Zeid demands removal of all landmines in Western Sahara

MP Ragab Abu Zeid, member of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, submitted an urgent request for information to the Minister of Agriculture and Minister of International Co-operation regarding the landmines which are currently present in the Western Sahara. The remaining landmines make up 20% of the landmines planted in the whole world.

He stressed that Egypt is one of the world’s largest countries affected by these landmines which have resulted in the death of thousands of people and countless disabilities to Egyptian citizens. There are more than 22 million landmines and other explosive devices which have been planted in Egypt during World War II still remaining.

Since 1981 the Egyptian Army Forces has removed landmines from an area of 38730 hectares in Western Sahara at the cost of 27 million dollars. However there still remain landmines.

The MP stressed that the remaining large number of landmines cover an area of approximately 248,000 hectares, and its extraction would be extremely expensive, however it must be accomplished if the land was to be utilized.

Abu Zeid accused the government of negligence in removing these landmines claiming that the land has many advantages.