Abu Zuhri: Abbas, Egypt affirm respect of elections’ results

 Commenting on news reports circulated by media that the PA chief, Mahmoud Abbas, was laying conditions on the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, before authorizing it to form the new government, Sami Abu Zuhri, spokesman of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, on Wednesday asserted that both Abbas and the Egyptian government had affirmed their full respect to the PLC election’s outcome as well as its demands.

Foreign media, including the AFP, quoted Egyptian intelligence head, Omar Suleiman, as saying that Abbas placed three conditions before Hamas, including rejection of violence, acknowledging all signed agreements with Israel, and recognizing the Hebrew state as prerequisites to allow it form the next cabinet.

“We are verifying such reports, but the information we have indicate that neither Abbas nor the Egyptians were imposing such conditions as both expressed full respect of the legislative elections’ results and all its demands; however, we are having contacts with the concerned parties to probe the reports”, he said.

Talking on condition of anonymity, a Palestinian official denied such reports.

“There is indeed an agreement to hold a meeting between Hamas leadership and Abbas to discuss matters, however, no fixed date was assigned yet, and we will announce it when an accurate date is fixed”, Abu Zuhri added, noting that his Movement received assurances of continuous support from the Japanese government.

Meanwhile, officials in the Islamic University in Gaza city, including Jamal Al-Kudhari, chairman of the University’s board of trustees and the newly elected PLC member, and Kamaleen Shaath, the University’s rector, paid a visit to the Egyptian ambassador in Gaza city, Ashraf Akel, where they expressed gratitude to the Egyptian significant role in supporting the Palestinian people.

Still in Gaza Strip, the Qatari ambassador to the PA, Sayar Abdul Rahman, reassured Palestinian people of continuous Qatari financial aid to the PA and the next cabinet.

“I believe that Hamas gained confidence of the Palestinian people, and I believe that the Movement is capable of delivering the Palestinian people to the shores of safety”, the ambassador emphasized as he congratulated the Movement for winning the PLC election.