Abu Zuhri: Assassination documents prove IOA war crimes

Abu Zuhri: Assassination documents prove IOA war crimes

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for Hamas Movement in Gaza Strip, has asserted Friday that the confidential documents revealed by the Hebrew media on the assassination crimes committed by the IOF troops against the Palestinian people represent additional evidence on the criminal mentality of the Israeli occupation authority (IOA).

In an interview with the PIC on Friday, Abu Zuhri pointed out that the documents confirm Hamas’s accusations and what the entire world knows about the IOA terrorism against the Palestinian people, adding that the documents were sufficient grounds to bring leaders of the “Zionist entity” to international justice.

He also warned that ignoring such disclosures would encourage the Israeli occupation to commit more crimes against innocent Palestinian civilians, stressing that the revelation of the documents condemns not only the Israelis but all those who backed and supported them, especially the European parties who kept on bragging about being democratic while giving a blind eye to the Israeli crimes in occupied Palestine.

Earlier investigation carried out by the Hebrew Ha’aretz daily newspaper confirmed that the IOF troops carried out official orders in killing “wanted” Palestinians in cold blood even if they could arrest them alive.

According to the paper, the secret documents were revealed by a 23-year-old former Israeli female soldier Anat Kam who was put under house arrest since then.

She said that the IOF command approved plans to kill “wanted” Palestinian activists in the West Bank even if they could arrest them, adding that such orders were mulled in secret sessions for IOF leaders.

The disclosed documents proved that the IOF troops committed such crimes despite orders from the “supreme court” prohibiting killing in case other alternatives were applicable.