Abu Zuhri: Crimes of Abbas’s militia in W. Bank derail national reconciliation

Abu Zuhri: Crimes of Abbas’s militia in W. Bank derail national reconciliation

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, the spokesman of Hamas Movement in Gaza Strip, has asserted Wednesday that his Movement was and still is very much keen on achieving national reconciliation in the Palestinian arena although the crimes of the militia of Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank derail such reconciliation.


As of the moment, the atmosphere isn”t yet ripe to conclude an agreement on the national reconciliation due to the crimes of the militia of Abbas and Fayyad in the West Bank, in addition to Fatah”s desire to focus the dialogue on Gaza Strip without the West Bank”, Abu Zuhri pointed out in a statement to the PIC Wednesday.


He underlined that preparing the healthy atmosphere for achieving an agreement in this regard was more important than formulating the draft of the agreement itself, revealing that Fatah faction wasn’t prepared to provide such healthy atmosphere till now.


Nevertheless, the Hamas official underscored that in the event an agreement is reached, it should be made in harmony with the rest of the Palestinian resistance factions, and it should include the West Bank and Gaza Strip simultaneously in all the points, disclosing that a number of essential points of dispute weren’t treated yet until now.


But despite the positive remarks revealed by Abu Zuhri, Hamas charged that the militia of Abbas persisted in chasing and arresting its supporters in many West Bank cities.


The unwarranted arrests in the West Bank prompted Hamas to accuse those militias of sending “messages tarnished with blood”, alluding to the torturing and the killing of Hamas”s cadre Haitham Amr in Al-Khalil city a couple of days ago, with the aim to ruin the national dialogue and to preserve the Palestinian political division in service to the Israeli occupation.


We are indeed surprised at the behavior of the PA security apparatuses in the West Bank against the kidnapped Hamas supporters at a time all Palestinian efforts focus to achieve national reconciliation… the kidnapping incidents of Hamas”s supporters had noticeably increased as 60 Hamas supporters were rounded up and kidnapped at the hands of Abbas”s militia over the past four days”, the Movement highlighted in a statement it issued in the West Bank in condemnation of those arrests.


Among the kidnapped supporters were university professors, physicians, university students, local preachers, and teachers.


But Hamas made it clear that in spite of heinous crimes against its cadres and supporters in the West Bank, it will keep its hand open for the national reconciliation because “Hamas has one and only enemy that is the Israeli occupation“.


Nevertheless, Hamas called on prudent Palestinian figures and on those keen on preserving the Palestinian national constants to immediately act to bridle the wrongdoings of Abbas”s militias against the Palestinian people and against the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank.


For its part, the Sabiroon society for defending the Palestinian captives condemned the “heinous” crime of Abbas”s militia against Amr, urging all concerned Palestinian factions and agencies to immediately intervene to halt such ill practices.


More than 600 Palestinian citizens, the great majority of them affiliated to Hamas Movement, were arbitrarily kidnapped and detained in the jails of Abbas in the West Bank, including journalist Mustafa Sabri, the correspondent of Sabiroon in the West Bank, Sabiroon added.