Abu Zuhri: Haneyya our candidate for premier of unity government

The Hamas Movement declared on Monday that its candidate for premier of the new national unity government is Ismail Haneyya.

Sami Abu Zuhri, the Hamas spokesman in the Gaza Strip, told reporters that the Movement nominated Haneyya during the “positive meeting” held between Haneyya and PA chief Mahmoud Abbas, and added that an agreement was reached in this respect.

For his part, MP Salah Al-Bardawil, spokesman of Hamas parliamentary bloc, said that the Movement in addition to nominating Haneyya had tabled an explanation of a lot of points in the new government’s proposed program, which Abbas had asked for.

Bardawil pointed out that the new cabinet line-up would include a lesser number of the Movement cadres while admitting ministers from Fatah and other factions and a number of technocrats.

He renewed his Movement’s refusal to recognize Israel but said it would deal positively with the Arab peace initiative “in service of the Palestinian people’s higher interests”.

The MP underlined that the international quartet committee should not impose any dictates on the Palestinian people, adding that the results of the legislative elections should never be overlooked.