Abu Zuhri: Intercepting “Rachel Corrie” targets the solidarity movement

Abu Zuhri: Intercepting “Rachel Corrie” targets the solidarity movement

GAZA, — Israel’s interception of the Irish aid vessel “Rachel Corrie” is in line with its “barbaric piracy” and “international terrorism” in international waters, Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, said on Saturday.

He told the PIC that such practices were challenging and provoking human feelings, charging that Israel was targeting the international peace and solidarity movements.

The spokesman opined, however, that the crime, similar to the one before it, would not deter the international solidarity movements from sending other ships to Gaza.

He stressed that the only way to stop this flow of vessels was lifting the siege on Gaza, or else fleets and ships would continue their bids to break the siege.

Abu Zuhri accused the American administration with “legitimizing” the “Zionist piracy” by its backing to Israel in its crime and by pressuring Ireland and the ship’s crew to prevent their sail to Gaza.

“This inhuman position affirms the American administration’s involvement in the crime siege on Gaza,” he concluded.

Israeli navy vessels took control of Rachel Corrie, which is carrying a humanitarian aid shipment, and forced it to head to Ashdod port instead of Gaza.