Abu Zuhri: The number of Saturday victims is the highest in one day since 1967

Abu Zuhri: The number of Saturday victims is the highest in one day since 1967

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman and a history professor, stated that the large number of victims of Israeli attacks on Saturday that reached at least 61 Palestinians is the highest number of victims killed in one day by Israel since it occupied Gaza and the West Bank in 1967.

In a statement to the PIC, Dr. Abu Zuhri added that this high death toll came two days after the Israeli occupation killed 37 Palestinians which reflected the size of the Holocaust carried out by Israel against the Gaza people.

The history professor underlined that 25 percent of the victims were children and infants in addition to many women, adding that Israel also tends to target Palestinian families as happened to the Attallah family members who were all killed by Israeli shelling.

The Israeli warplanes killed on Saturday night six Palestinian policemen and Qassam fighters in front of the police station in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, in addition to another fighter who was killed by the IOF troops east of the Breij refugee camp, central Gaza Strip.

With these new deaths, the number of Palestinians killed by the IOF troops since it started to escalate its military operations on Wednesday had risen to 98 victims; while the number of the wounded exceeded 270 some of them are in extremely serious conditions.

According to a statistics report prepared by the PIC, the 61 victims killed by Israel on Saturday included 12 children and 11 civilians, whereas the others were affiliated with Palestinian armed wings.