Abu Zuhri: Threatening freedom Flotilla state terrorism

Abu Zuhri: Threatening freedom Flotilla state terrorism

GAZA,  Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, expressed confidence that the Freedom Flotilla would ultimately arrive in Gaza, describing Israeli threats against it as “state terrorism”.

Abu Zuhri said in a press statement on Monday that the Israeli threats were part of the oppressive siege policy and an attempt to conceal the scandal of the Israeli siege from the world community especially when many foreigners were on board those vessels in addition to the humanitarian assistance.

The spokesman urged the world community to protect the solidarity activists because their goal is humanitarian. He held Israel fully responsible for the lives of those solidarity activists, noting that among them are political and official figures.

Abu Zuhri hailed the Arab assistance sent along with this Flotilla, hoping that they would use the land route via Egypt in the future to avoid Israeli dangers at sea.

For his part, Mohammed Subaih, the assistant Arab League secretary general, called on the big countries, which champion human rights, to pressure Israel to allow access for ships of the Freedom Flotilla into the Gaza Strip.

He told reporters on Monday that the Israeli siege was not legally justified, adding that the USA and the EU should stand united in demanding an end to the siege.