Abu Zuhri: Turkish proposals the more balanced, advanced so far

Abu Zuhri: Turkish proposals the more balanced, advanced so far

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, the Hamas spokesman, on Tuesday said that the Turkish proposals for ending the Gaza crisis were the most advanced and balanced so far.

He said in a press statement that other Qatari, Syrian and Yemeni moves were going on other than European direct and indirect contacts for the same purpose.

Abu Zuhri noted that a delegation of Hamas had left Damascus for Cairo on Monday carrying Hamas”s remarks on the Egyptian initiative to end the IOF aggression.

He underlined that the remarks reflected the Palestinian forces” demands, which include an immediate end to aggression, withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces, lifting the siege and opening all crossings topped by Rafah.

The Hamas official said that if those remarks were taken into consideration then the Egyptian initiative would be an opening to solve the crisis.

In an unrelated development, a Gulf newspaper on Tuesday said that Ankara had uncovered a scheme to assassinate Turkish premier Recep Erdogan with Israeli weapons.

Al-Khalij newspaper said that Turkish security sources had disclosed that an armed cell was planning the assassination of Erdogan and other prominent politicians in addition to blasting various installations in Turkey including a big commercial center in the capital Ankara.

It pointed out that the arms cache found last Thursday in an Ankara suburb revealed that all weapons were imported from Israel.

Erdogan had castigated Israel for its refusal to abide by the UN Security Council resolution 1860 that called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, and asked for imposing international sanctions on Tel Aviv if it persisted in rejecting to abide by the international community”s resolutions.