• June 1, 2010

Abu Zuhri: UNSC resolution incomplete

Abu Zuhri: UNSC resolution incomplete

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, has described the UN Security Council resolution regarding the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla as incomplete and does not solve the problem.

He explained in a statement to El-Bayan website on Tuesday that the UNSC should issue a binding resolution committing Israel to lift the blockade on the Gaza Strip, because this is the core of the problem that has been in effect for the past four years.

Otherwise, tensions would continue and the crisis would exacerbate because free peoples of the world would not tolerate continuation of the siege and would persist in efforts to break it, the spokesman elaborated.

He said that the US position, which blocked a resolution directly condemning Israel, “proves anew the American administration’s bias in favor of Israel at the expense of the international law and human rights”.

Abu Zuhri said that such a stand affirms failure of betting on the American role, which necessitates remobilizing Arab and Islamic efforts to confront the “American-backed Israeli crimes”.