Abu Zuhri family reject Egyptian report on death of Yousef

Abu Zuhri family reject Egyptian report on death of Yousef

GAZA — The Abu Zuhri family refused to accept the Egyptian general prosecution’s report on the death of Yousef Abu Zuhri in Egyptian jails that said he died of natural causes.

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas spokesman and the victim’s brother, said in a statement on Wednesday on behalf of his family that the report lied about according treatment to his brother in Alexandria university hospital, explaining that he (Yousef) was refused admission into that hospital two days before his death.

Abu Zuhri held the Egyptian state security responsible for the death of Yousef for its medical neglect, charging that the report only covered up for the criminals who tortured Yousef to death.

The spokesman said that the report would not close the case of his brother’s death, adding that his family were preparing for filing a lawsuit before the Egyptian courts in cooperation with human rights groups.

For its part, the committee formed in solidarity with Ayman Nofal, who is held captive in Egyptian jails, expressed dismay at the Egyptian report.

The committee in a statement asked the Egyptian judiciary to prosecute those responsible for the crime and for the continued detention of Palestinians in Egyptian jails without trial topped by Nofal who has completed his third year in Egyptian jails.