Abul-Futouh: Accusations Against Abdel-Salam Politically Motivated

Abul-Futouh: Accusations Against Abdel-Salam Politically Motivated

Secretary-General of the Arab Doctors Union and Member of the MB Executive Bureau contended in his statements to Ikhwanweb that the accusations laid against Gamal Abdel-Salam, Head of the Union"s Relief and Emergency Committee, are for a political aim which is threatening to harm any person who works towards lifting the political and humanitarian siege on Gaza.

Abul-Futouh described the accusations laid against Abdel-Salam as a "joke and security ridiculousness" as Abdel-Salam described them and hailed Abdel-Salam"s 20 years of efforts in the field of humanitarian relief in different parts of the Arab world considering him among the Arab world experts in the field.

Abul-Futouh further criticized the Egyptian regime describing it as a corrupt regime that "wants to destroy Egypt"s honorable figures in order to cover up on its corruption and despotism."  Abul-Futouh also expressed his disappointment at the prosecution"s reliance on the reports of state security officers without examining them.

Abul-Futouh also denied the presence of any organizational or administrative relations between Hamas and the MB in Egypt adding that Hamas merely follows the MB school of thought and that it is an independent national Palestinian liberation movement.

The Supreme State Security Prosecution had accused Abdel-Salam of sneaking into Gaza and mobilizing MB troops to carry out terrorist operations inside and outside Egypt.