Abul-Futouh: MB Major Factor in Egypt’s Stability

Abul-Futouh: MB Major Factor in Egypt’s Stability

Abdul-Moneim Abul-Futouh, member of the MB executive bureau, denied criticism the MB is weakening Egypt through demonstrations or boycotting the local elections .

He excluded the probability of making a political deal to settle the current disputes between the regime and the group except through adhering to combating corruption and stopping forging the elections and evasive democracy.

In a statement to Quds Press, Abul-Futouh disparaged the accusations experienced by the MB from some writers who charge the group with being part of an international strategy aiming at undermining Egypt .

“Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian opposition, and Egyptian people aim at spreading freedom, democracy, human rights, and combating corruption to strengthen Egypt “, he added.

He resumed “those accusing such movements of weakening Egypt don”t defend the country; however they defend the regime, tyranny, corruption, and unfair elections. Those resisting who resists corruption are the one who seek Egypt “s weakness and undermining its international, regional, and Arab role”.

Abul-Futouh accused the American administration of really undermining Egypt, however he denied to be though the MB or Egyptian political opposition calling for freedom, combating corruption, and adhering to democracy.

He said that the MB never hopes to use America as a helping entity for moving democracy process in Egypt . “Such a country, whose Secretary of State in 2005 said that they in vain backed the tyrant regimes hoping to fulfill stability, cannot be sought for help”, he added.

He denied any political deal between the MB and the regime in Egypt to settle current disputes between the Mb and the corrupt and tyrant regime. Such disputes are really between the MB and the regime, however between certain parties of the regime and the Egyptians; the MBs are Egyptians. Consequently, there can be no deals between them unless through fair elections, democratic option, and combating corruption.