Abul-Futouh: Supplying Israeli Occupation With Weapons A Great Crime

Abul-Futouh: Supplying Israeli Occupation With Weapons A Great Crime

In his statement to Ikhwanweb, Member of the MB Executive Bureau and Secretary General of the Arab Doctors Union Abdel-Mon”em Abul-Futouh attacked the act of supplying the Israeli entity with weapons to be used in committing the most horrible crimes against humanity and which are internationally banned while those supplying resistance with weapons to defend themselves against the occupiers are accused of being terrorists.  Abul-Futouh further criticized limiting the massacres in Gaza to the issue of “smuggling” weapons explaining that this implies that there are existing powers that want to dominate the region and subjugate it.

Abul-Futouh described the events in Gaza as a humanitarian tragedy by all means and added that the Israeli war on Gaza is in fact a war on civilians including the resistance men since a martial is legally defined as an individual who is affiliated with a military army.

Abul-Futouh further called on Egypt and Arab countries to stand up for the oppressed in Gaza emphasizing the importance of avoiding putting the killer and victim at the same level and accused the Israelis of lacking moral grounds or conscience as they kill women and children.

Abul-Futouh also accused Western media of defending the true criminal imagining that the killers are those who killed 20 individuals as if the 5,000 killed and horribly wounded by internationally banned weapons are worthless.  Abul-Futouh added it is normal for Shaleet, who is part of the occupation forces, to be taken as a prisoner of war but it is not normal for 11,000 Palestinians to be detained by the Israeli occupation forces and the world is so busy with Shaleet while neglecting the 11,000 Palestinian prisoners.

Abul-Futouh pointed out that around 70 doctors have crossed the Rafah borders to contribute in covering the shortage of Palestinian hospitals indicating that the majority of them are Egyptians in view of the fact that a third of the Arab nation”s doctors are Egyptian and since Egypt is the neighboring country of Gaza.