• July 29, 2013
  • 4 minutes read

ACA Response to the Pretend National Defence Council

ACA Response to the Pretend National Defence Council

The Egyptian people expected the leaders of the bloody Coup, and the Pretend National Defence Council, to cease their criminal acts, and to apologize for their crimes against the people, the last of which was the massacre conducted by the police force at the Memorial to the Unknown Soldier, and within sight and hearing of the armed forces, killing over 120 and injuring more than 4000.

Instead of ending their crimes against humanity, the Coup leaders and the Pretend National Defence Council demand that the peaceful protestors – around 370 of whom have been killed since the start of the Coup – to reject violence!

•   The whole world witnessed the crimes of the Coup supporters against unarmed civilians, and international human rights organizations have testified to the firing of live ammunition against peaceful demonstrators at the Memorial and in Nahda Square, as they have testified to the killing of women in Mansoura, and the assassination of worshipers in front of the Republican Guard building.

•   The actions of the Coup leaders constitute dark terrorism and violence.  They have permitted the shedding of Egyptian blood under the pretence of a false authorization, and of a fight against the very terrorism that they are causing.

The Coup leaders claim adherence to the freedom of expression, while they close TV channels that do not submit to their oversight.  They storm international media offices and detain journalists, while their forces – police or army – assault peaceful demonstrators.

The Coup leaders demand that demonstrators and protestors – who are defending legitimacy – stop what they claim to be illegal behaviour.  Even though the constitution that was accepted by two thirds of the people a few months ago declares the right to peaceful demonstration and protest.

•   The law was infringed upon by those who committed illegitimate acts, suspended the constitution and dissolved legislative bodies elected by the people.

•   The law and constitution were infringed upon by those who kidnapped the elected President, holding him and his assistants at an unknown location.

•   The law was infringed upon by those who fired live shots at peaceful protestors, and returned to service officers of the State Security apparatus, who had been dismissed after the 2011 revolution for violating people’s rights.

The Coup leaders are the ones threatening national security by dragging the Egyptian army into a conflict with the majority of Egyptians, and by involving the army in attacks on peaceful demonstrators, causing a breach between the people and their army.

•   They threaten national security by adopting and disseminating hate speech against the Islamic current, negatively affecting social harmony.

•   They threaten national security by fabricating acts of violence and blaming them on peaceful protestors, as they did in Al-Mansoura, Port Said and ‘Ezbet-Abou-Hashish.

The Anti-Coup Coalition asserts it will continue its peaceful activities until the Coup is overturned and stolen freedoms are returned.

•   The ACC calls the people to participate in a million-person march under the banner "Martyrs of the Coup" in Egyptian squares tomorrow, Tuesday, July 30th.

•   The ACC renews its invitation to international human rights organizations and world news organizations to participate in its activities and to visit the occupied squares, so as to convey the true, civilized image of the Egyptian people and the protestors, which the Coup supporters are trying to distort.

The Egyptian people will bring down El-Sisi and his helpers through peaceful protests, as they have brought down Mubarak and his men.