Acquittal of Nader Gohar and Cairo News Company

Acquittal of Nader Gohar and Cairo News Company

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information expressed happiness over the judgment of Bulaq Abul-Ela Misdemeanors Court to acquit Cairo News Company and its managing director “Nader Gohar” of unfair charges fabricated by the Security last year.

Gohar was sentenced on October 26, 2008 to a fine of 50.000 L.E. on charge of possessing wireless communication devices and satellite broadcasting unites, and a fine of 100.000 L.E. for establishing and operating communication network without obtaining a permission from the National Telecommunication Authority, as well as the confiscation of all live broadcasting devices which were previously confiscated when the security forces broke into the headquarters in mid-April 2008.

It is to be noted that Hamdi el-Assyuti, Rawda Ahmed and Taher Abul Nasr, lawyers in the Legal Aid Unit for Freedom of Expression of the Arabic Network, as well as Khaled el-Deeb, lawyer, have pursued defense for Cairo News Company and refuted all the fabricated charges through 11 sessions in the court of first instance and court of Appeal. Accordingly, the court ascertained that all elements of the offense charges were not satisfied, so it issued today its verdict of acquittal of all charges against Gohar and CNC, and nullified the decision to confiscate all equipments ” which values in millions”.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said that “There is nothing as wonderful as restoring the right of a victim of injustice, and acquitting an accused of such fabricated charges, it is a happy day for all defenders of freedom of expression.”


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