Action: Fears of Massacre in Misurata

Action: Fears of Massacre in Misurata

Today, Friday 18th March 2011, the city of Misurata, east of the Libyan capital Tripoli, is under indiscriminate artillery bombardment since 7 am local time.

According to sources inside the city, contacted via satellite phone, the security battalions of the Gaddafi regime have started an attack on the city from the south. The invading force are using tanks and firing indiscriminately. So far, the local hospital reported 70 people injured and 4 killed.

These atrocities come less than 12 hours from the adoption of resolution 1973 by the Security Council of the Untied Nations.

The forces of the regime has blocked water supply to the city since 3 days and telephone services, mobile and fixed line, have been completely cut off since yesterday.

Human Rights Solidarity is deeply concerned about the cituation in Misuurata and calls on the international community to take the necessary steps to prevent the slaughter of the civilian population in the city.