Actions by Salafi Groups Threaten the Revolution’s Greatest Achievements

Actions by Salafi Groups Threaten the Revolution’s Greatest Achievements

Egypt’s successful Revolution was triggered, in part, by the widespread oppression, social injustices and deepening  regime’s corruption,  yet sustaining the flame of liberty lit in Tahrir Square appears to be more difficult than anticipated.

The  remnants of the deposed Mubarak’s regime and the beneficiaries of corrupt society are trying vigorously to dampen the spirit of the people, and undermine the revolution’s greatest achievements of bringing people together regardless of their social class, ideological differnces and religions; all united under the banner of the empowering Egyptian nationalism. 

On the other hand, we saw how some Salafi trends during the early days of the Revolution, took the liberty of issuing religious decrees labeling the protestors as “sinners” for opposing the country’s leader, calling to support a corrupt and oppressive regime.  However, only after the collapse of the regime, elements from the Salafi groups have surfaced to tarnish the image of our freedom by destroying shrines and graves built within mosques, acting upon their own extremist interpretation of Islam. Such actions and threats of further destruction are counter-productive and are against the spirit of our great Egyptian revolution. We strongly condemn such actions, which are a clear attack on government and public property, and violate the tolerant teachings of Islam.

It appears sadly that some Salafists, after years of opposing politics, want to step in to undermine the revolution by abusing democracy and taking advantage of the freedom Egyptians have fought and sacrificed their lives for, in order to impose their ideology. Although Islam promotes democracy, which means freedom, it does not justify the wanton destruction of property public or private regardless of motives.

We call on all groups, civil society institutions, armed forces and the government to stand united to save the revolution and defend our liberties by putting and end to these irresponsible actions and holding all responsible accountable.