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  • June 26, 2006
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Activism Calendar

Activism Calendar

The Egyptian Association Against Torture is organizing a conference, from 6pm to 9pm, at the Press Syndicate, to mark the International Day Against Torture.
At 7pm, the Society of Sheikh Imam’s Fans will hold a music memorial for the legendary people’s singer, also at the Press syndicate.

Meanwhile, Kefaya, Socialists, Workers for Change and labor union activists will meet at 7pm in the Center for Socialist Studies, to discuss strategy and tactics for the coming national labor unions elections, scheduled 20 August. The meeting will be open for the press. The center is located at 7 Morad St., in Giza. The center’s director, Kamal Khalil, and other recently released detainees will be attending the discussion.

The Center for Socialist Studies is organizing a lecture, 7pm, titled, The Palestinian Divisions: New pressures on Hamas. Speakers include: Dr. Hassan Naf3a, Political Science prof at Cairo University, together with one of the center’s members.

The Center for Socialist Studies is organizing a discussion on, The Ya3qoubian Building… An insight into Mubarak’s Egypt. Participants will include, Judge Noha el-Zeini, the novel’s author 3alaa el-Aswani, and Khaled el-Sawi, movie star and member of Artists for Change