Activist: The PA started to curb the peaceful resistance against the wall

Activist: The PA started to curb the peaceful resistance against the wall

Coordinator of the popular campaign against the wall Jamal Jum’ah said Tuesday that the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah is trying to customize the peaceful resistance against the segregation wall according to its own vision so as not to be out of control, affirming that all anti-wall committees reject that.

In a press statement to the Palestinian information center (PIC), Jum’ah added that the PA has clear fears that the anti-wall marches might get out of control, so it ordered its security apparatuses many times to curb the protesters and specify the areas they should march across.

He stressed that the Palestinian anti-wall protesters are not an electronic machine that could be controlled, but they are angry masses who resist peacefully the Israeli escalation, adding that the PA’s attempt to route the anti-wall marches is totally unacceptable.

The anti-wall activist called on Fatah faction to state clearly its position towards the PA’s involvement in suppressing the weekly non-violent marches organized in West Bank villages against the apartheid wall.

The activist affirmed that there is a big contradiction between the statements of PA and Fatah officials towards the peaceful resistance and the acts of their security apparatuses on the ground.

Mahmoud Abbas’s security apparatuses arrested an activist in the non-violent resistance against the wall called Mousa Abu Maria and tried to arrest another one called Younis Arar, but he was not at home.

In a separate incident, Abbas’s militias kidnapped on the last two days 13 Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas in the districts of Qalqiliya, Tulkarem, Jenin, Al-Khalil, Nablus and Salfit in the context of those militias’ security coordination with the Israeli occupation.

In another context, the Movement of Hamas in the West Bank said that since the unconstitutional government of Salam Fayyad and Abbas’s militias took control over the West Bank, the Palestinian universities have been exposed to Zio-American malicious schemes aimed at killing good manners and the spirit of resistance instilled in the minds of students.

In a statement on Tuesday, Hamas underlined that Fatah’s persistence in fighting its Islamic student carders at the West Bank universities through kidnapping them and freezing their activities comes in the context of this dirty scheme.

Hamas added that Fatah students and militias are also working on spreading the culture of vice, immorality and betrayal of the homeland among students at these universities.