Activists against Inheritance condemns the arrest of MB

Activists against Inheritance condemns the arrest of MB


The Egyptian Security Campaign against Inheritance condemned the arrest campaign launched by the Security Services against a large number of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

The campaign stressed in its statement that “the frequent arrest campaigns against the leaders of the national work is a blatant violation of political and civil freedoms.

These campaigns do not target a specific group as much as it works on aborting the rising political movements and its ability to bring the required changed through peaceful means.

In the statement they expressed their concern that the ruling party and the regime would seek the use of the Ministry’s security apparatus more widely and there would be more arrest campaigns against all political activists despite their intellectual and cultural orientation.

It called on all national forces and institutions of civil society to unite and work on facing the challenges of the upcoming period.

The campaign called for the immediate release of all political detainees and called on human rights organizations to impose pressure in order to release prisoners of conscience and to follow closely the human rights situation in Egypt according to the international human rights standards and conventions.