• September 1, 2009

Activists petition against Gamal Mubarak.

Activists petition against Gamal Mubarak.

 A group of activists petitioned a campaign against Gamal Mubarak over the internet opposing the idea of the bequeathing of power. The petition called for Gamal to step down from all NDP posts he assumed, and to resign from any responsibilities or official national activities where he wasn’t voted in by the public. The petition demanded he be treated like any other civilian with no extra benefits.

The petitioners which numbered 8525, called on the president to appoint a vice president just as the constitution stipulates and to allocate a committee responsible for amending the constitution. They demanded that the "emergency law" be abolished and that the judicial authority be given full independence as well as the release of political detainees.

The petition stated that they fully rejected the bequeathing of power to Gamal where he reached the peak of power even though he wasn’t potentially equipped for this role. His assuming of power is contradictory to the law where equal opportunities should be given to all civilians.

Mohamed Hebba of the NDP stated that these objections are only a reflection of a minority who are trying to rock the stability and peace of Egypt. He continued to stress that these minorities’ efforts were aimed to change and confuse the minds of youths by claiming that there is no hope and that Gamal will be the next leader. This in turn affects the trust of the people in their government, leader and regime. 

Hebba continued "Gamal is like any other Egyptian who practices his rights as a civilian to join any political party. Egypt has not and will not indulge in the bequeathing of power. As stated in law no. 76 of the constitution every citizen has the right to elect his leader".

Hebba commended Gamal Mubarak claiming that he was well equipped to handle the role and duty of a leader since he is open to reform and development. "Why is it that we criticize Gamal?  Must he be condemned simply because he is the President’s son?"