Activists remain adamant during Tahrir Square rally

Activists remain adamant during Tahrir Square rally

One month since the beginning of Egypt’s popular revolution protestors are again out into the square urging Egypt’s military to purge the cabinet of ministers appointed by the ousted Dictator Mubarak as thousands of protesters gathered in Cairo.

The military had on the eve of the rally which also celebrated two weeks since Mubarak’s removal, promised elections within six months, assuring Egyptians there would be no return to the past of the tyrannical Mubarak era.

Activists pressured the military to install a fresh team of technocrats and overhaul the newly appointed cabinet.

The demands are self explanatory and remain the same including

The resignation of Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq’s government

The resignation of all governors across Egypt

The immediate release of political prisoners

The issuing of a general amnesty that absolves all

The dismissal of state security

The formation of an independent judicial committee to speed up the trial of all involved in torturing and killing protesters.

According to Safwat Higazi, a leading member of the Council of the Protectors of the Revolution, activists will continue calling for their demands regardless of the consequences. He highlighted that the activists feared the destruction of the January 25th revolution and a comeback of the regime to power stressing that in order to end this counter-revolution run by Mubarak’s lackeys the people’s demands must be fulfilled.

Protesters also demanded that Mubarak be put on trial, and that all of his assets be returned to the national treasury.  They called for many of the faces of the old regime, including Safwat El Sherif, Fathi Sorour, Zakaria Azmy, and Mufid Shehab, to be put on trial and their assets also frozen.

Egypt’s powerful army was called on to stand by the people during Friday’s noon prayers and the preacher where he also expressed Egyptian solidarity with the rebellion against Libya’s Gaddafi.

The military, currently facing strikes over pay has effectively urged the nation to get back to work. On its Facebook page the military council assured that it will take all steps to fulfil its promises, so that there is no return to the past adding the sublime goal is to achieve the hopes and aspirations of this great nation.