Adams urges world community to open dialogue with Hamas

Gerry Adams, the Leader of the Irish Sinn Fein party, Wednesday opined that the world community should open dialogue with the Hamas Movement after winning the Palestinian parliamentary elections.

Adams, who arrived in Ramallah on a visit to PA-run lands at the invitation of PA chief Mahmoud Abbas, said that he planned to meet with PLC members of all factions including those of Hamas.

Dialogue is capable of solving all problems, he said, adding that he thought both the USA and the EU were wrong not to open dialogue with Hamas.

??Democratic elections were made and we must accept their results,?? Adams said, adding that he meets with British premier Tony Blair although he does not approve of his policies.

Adams met in occupied Jerusalem with Ahmed Al-Taibi, the Arab member in the Israeli parliament. Taibi explained to Adams the racist policies practiced by the Zionist government in Tel Aviv against the Arab minority.

Adams said that Israeli officials refused to meet him.