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  • January 27, 2009
  • 2 minutes read

Administrative Judiciary Reserves Appeal By Defendants Sentenced to Military Rule until 10 May

Administrative Judiciary Reserves  Appeal  By Defendants Sentenced to Military Rule until 10 May

The Administrative Court has decided, on Tuesday 27th afternoon, the reservation of the appeal on the sentence submitted by the defense committee of the Muslim Brotherhood who were referred to the military court and were military-sentenced until 10th of March 2009.


While deciding to reserve the appeal submitted, which is the exception for a number of the military sentenced defendants from the decision to pardon by the President of the State until 24th of February, next month.


The Court had brought back the appeal case  and ordered the writers of the court to include with the papers of the case a copy of the decision issued for the ones referred to Military to release them on 27th of December 2008.


 Abdel Moneim Abdel Maqsood, lawyer of MB members referred to the military, stated that they would continue to implement the decision of the Administrative Judicial Court to stop the implementation of the President’s decision to refer civilians to Military Courts, which is contrary to the constitution.


He added that they received a copy of the decision to start the immediate implementation with submitting it to the specialized organs and taking the necessary steps as soon as possible, stressing that the continuation of referring MB leaders to Military Courts and detaining them is a legal and constitutional violation.


Its worth noting that the court has delayed issuing a decision on the appeal for three times due to the lack of response by the administrative on the appeal made against it of Ministries of Juctice,Defence, Interior and Attorney-General, Director of the Department of Military Juctice, the Military Prosecutor and the President of the Supreme Military Court and the  Assistant of the Minister of Interior in Prisons sector and the Warden of the prison of Tora’s Farm.