Administrative Justice Hears Appeal against President’s Referendum Call

The Administrative Court sees on Sunday appeals against the presidential decree of calling voters to a referendum on the constitutional amendments on Monday, as “illegal”, and that the amendments weren’t drafted according to a popular will, but upon a decision from the president.
The appellants say that the period between the approval of the People’s Assembly on the amendments and calling voters to cast their votes on the referendum is only six days, a very short period which isn’t enough for people to discuss them before approving and going to the referendum.
The government lawyer challenged the the Administrative Court yesterday and said that it isn’t the competent court to hear such appeals, under the pretext that president Mubarak’s decree of calling voters to go to the referendum is a sovereign decision which isn’t under the justice supervision.
Montaser Al Zayyat, the secretary general of the freedoms committee in the bar association and Mohamed Al Ashqar, a leader at the Egyptian Movement for Change “Kifaya” in addition to public figures, human rights activists, including Mohamed Al-Umda, Hamed Siddik, Mohsen Bahnas and others lodged appeals challenging the presidential decree of calling voters to go to the referendum on the constitutional amendments; they demanded canceling the referendum scheduled on Monday nationwide.
For his part, Mohamed Al Ashqar, a leader in Kifaya Movement, told Ikhwanweb that the the ruling regime’s rushing in passing the constitutional amendments and not giving Egyptian people and national powers enough time to discuss them is a constitutional coup.
Al Ashqar compared the Egyptian government and the constitutional amendments to thief who wants to steal something quickly before a house residents wake up.
Al Ashqar added that the Egyptian regime’s attempt to pass the constitutional amendments in such a manner confirms that some of the members of the regime have private interests while they claim that the amendments are for serving Egyptian people and future.
Al Ashqar call on all Egyptian citizens to boycott the referendum on the constitutional amendments.
On the other hand, lawyer Nabih Al-Wahsh sent an urgent warning to Sameh Ashour, the Bar Association chief and all Bar board members, calling them for holding an urgent meeting to freeze the membership or strike off the names of the corrupted lawyers who participated in tailoring the marred constitutional amendment.
The memo demanded freezing the membership or striking the names of Dr. Ahmed Fathi Sorour, counselor Mohamed Al Dakrouri, the secretary general of the committee of drafting the constitutional amendments in the People’s Assembly and chief of the legal committee in the National Democratic, Dr. Abdul Ahad Gamaluddin, the NDP majority leader in the People’s Assembly, counselor Mamdouh Marie the Justice Minister, Dr.  Mofid Shehab, the Minister of State for Parliamentary and Legal Affairs, Kamal Al-Shazli the NDP vice-chairman and a member of the People’s Assembly, and Dr. Amaal Othman, the chief of the legislative committee in the People’s Assembly, counselor Abdul Rahim Nafeh, the chief of the committee for constitutional and legislative affairs in the Shura Council, and the committee deputy chief counselor Fathi Ragab, Dr. Shawqi Al Sayed, a law professor and member of the Shura Council.
Also, the memo demanded freezing the membership of every MP in the People’s Assembly and Shura Council and affiliated to the bar association for their contribution in the so called “marred and deformed constitutional amendments”, hurting more than 400 thousand lawyers who are members in the general assembly of the association, specially that these “deformed and marred ” amendments aim at setting the scene for a heridatrory transfer of power, silencing opposition, repressing freedoms and violating private lives, according to him.
Al-Wahsh threatened in his memo to Bar Association chief and the its board members, that unless they take firm decisions of striking off the above mentioned names from the association, he will take the legal procedures against them and file a lawsuit for striking their names as well for their treason to their profession and treason to people to satisfy the ruler.