Administrative Justice Stops Ismailia Shura Elections

The Egyptian governorate of Ismailia witnessed on Monday unprecedented riggings in ballot boxes of the Shura Council midterm elections. Eyewitnesses confirmed that Oil Ministry workers were signing in a separate paper to prove their attendance after casting their votes. The security gave access to only the ones carrying a special card from minister Sameh Fahmi who is running in this constituency.
In a related context, Ismailia shura elections were stopped after the ruling of the Administrative Court in lawsuit no. 10647 dated Monday June, 11, 2006, as ballots were printed without implementing the Administrative Court ruling of enabling Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidate Ahmed Ismail to run the elections.
When asked about his reaction, Ahmed Ismail, the MB candidate for the constituency of Fayed, Ismailia, declared that the elections will take place and the ruling will be appealed in front of a higher court which will issue its final unchallenged ruling.
Ismail confirmed that many violations have been committed in the polling stations today. Representatives of MB candidates in Ismailia constituencywide were denied access to polling stations. He stressed that today’s rigging is unprecedented. Ballot boxes were stuffed from the early morning for the ruling National Party candidate.

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