• January 29, 2008
  • 2 minutes read

Advocacy Organization Calls For International Support Against Gaza Blockade

International awareness advocacy organization Aveez.org has called on the international community to sign a petition against what they call the “siege of Gaza.” The group, which advocates for better understanding of climate change and against religious violence, has issued a letter for individuals to sign.

Aveez hopes to garner 150,000 signatures before sending the letter to Israel.

“The world can stop this crisis, and help save civilians on all sides. This isn”t about taking sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: it”s about 1.5 million human beings locked up in the biggest prison on earth,” the letter reads.

“The blockade must be lifted and the border opened properly, with international controls to prevent weapons smuggling. The missile war between Israel and Gaza can only be stopped by a reciprocal ceasefire that Hamas stands ready to negotiate.”

In Egypt, many Egyptians are taking the call seriously, especially one young activist who believes ending the blockade is a major step toward international peace and solidarity.

“I believe it is important to end the situation in Gaza in a meaningful and respectful manner in order to show the world that solutions to these types of problems can happen,” Shereen, a young activist with the Kefaya movement, told All Headline News.

She believes that the world must understand why so many Palestinians came across the border last week.

“They don”t have the necessary things to live and this was the only way they were to get them because of Israel”s policies of keeping them in that [Gaza] small piece of land. It is wrong,” she added.

Shereen has signed the international petition and is campaigning her friends to follow her lead.