• December 31, 2015
  • 5 minutes read

After Causing Aqrab Detainee Permanent Disability, Prison Administration Threaten Him with Death

After Causing Aqrab Detainee Permanent Disability, Prison Administration Threaten Him with Death

 The life of detainee Mossaad Abu-Zeid is in grave danger in the dark dungeons of death also known as Aqrab Prison in Egypt.

UK-based Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) said: "The policy of medical neglect used by Egyptian authorities against detainees in prisons and police stations still claims the lives of more detainees".

AOHR further said that the number of detainees dying as a result of medical negligence, torture and poor conditions of detention in Egyptian prisons have risen to 337 detainees – since the July 3, 2013 coup (when a military junta overthrew elected civilian President Mohamed Morsi).

Who is Mossaad Abu-Zeid?

Mossaad is one of more than 40,000 innocent Egyptians, honorable politicians now languishing inside the fascist Sisi regime’s jails, where detainees – mainly political prisoners – face death every day. Despite his severe and obvious disability (paralysis caused by torture at the hands of prison officers), Mossaad is held in harsh Aqrab Prison.

Detainees started a hunger strike in protest of inhuman squalid conditions inside the prison. In response, prison officers beat up all detainees in Section H4 – Wing 4. Mossaad was badly injured in this incident. A complaint was sent to the prosecution service office detailing his disability and his life-threatening injuries.

The prison administration responded by accusing the disabled detainee Mossaad of assaulting Aqrab Prison officers and soldiers, forcing them to deal with him harshly.

Aqrab Prison administration did not stop at that. They pressured Mossaad to change his statements at the prosecution office, and threatened to frame him in a drug-ring lawsuit. Mossaad did not give in.

They now give him a specially vindictive brutal treatment, with insults and humiliation, constant threats and intimidation.

Recently, they said to him: "We killed many like you here in Aqrab Prison. The cause of their deaths was always officially registered as ‘a sharp drop in blood circulation’. If you do not change your statement, you will meet the same fate".

Right at this moment, Mossaad may still be alive, or he may have passed – another sad victim of Aqrab Prison administration.

Rise, Revolt… Save Mossaad and his mates