After Her Release: MP Mansour Unveils Women’s Suffering in Israeli Jails

After Her Release: MP Mansour Unveils Women’s Suffering in Israeli Jails

NABLUS, (PIC)– MP Mona Mansour revealed, following her release from Israeli jails on Monday, that the imprisoned Palestinian women are suffering from miserable living and health conditions, where the IOA deliberately deprives them from their most basic rights guaranteed by international law.


In a telephone call conducted with the Palestinian center for the defense of prisoners at an Israeli checkpoint, MP Mansour said that the administrations of Israeli jails do not provide Palestinian women with food for long periods of time and give them a kind of uneatable stiff bread everyday, but female prisoners eat it because of lack of food.


The lawmaker added that the Israeli prison administrations deliberately deprive female prisoners from sleep and impose states of emergency inside prisons in order to prevent them from resting.


In a related context, the Israeli military prosecution appealed for the fifth consecutive time against a decision to release Mayor of Nablus Adli Ya”ish who was supposed to be set free on Monday.


After his unexpected release from Israeli jails on Sunday, MP Omar Abdelrazek, a former finance minister, stated to journalists upon his arrival in Salfit that the Palestinian detainees call for speeding up holding national dialog to end the internal discord, pointing out that there are honorable and creative Palestinians who can get Palestine out of its current crisis.  


MP Abdelrazek unveiled that the living conditions of Palestinian detainees in the Megiddo prison and other prisons are deteriorating because of the arbitrary practices of Israeli prison administrations which deliberately turn the lives of prisoners into intolerable hell.


The lawmaker explained that the prisoners are subjected to psychological and physical pressures, the latest of which was the injury of five Palestinian MPs in the Ramla prison, pointing out to the maltreatment prisoners receive during transport from and to Israeli military courts and the substandard reduced quantities of food served to them as well as to the strip search exercised against them and their visiting families.


He said that the Palestinian prisoners call for activating their cause at all levels and to make it a top priority.