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  • December 25, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

After His Defeat, Darraj Vows to Continue Public Service

After His Defeat, Darraj Vows to Continue Public Service

Dr. Amr Darraj, Secretary of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Giza, and its candidate for the ‘professionals’ seat in Giza’s third constituency, sent a message of congratulations and thanks on his personal Facebook page stressing his determination to continue public work, after he lost the race to Dr. Amr Shobaki.

In his "Facebook" message above, he said: "Dear Brothers and Sisters… I extend my most sincere thanks and utmost gratitude for everyone who participated in my campaign for the People’s Assembly, FJP members as well as MB brothers, and my dear wife, my family, my loved ones, and everyone who gave me their confidence, their vote, their voice and supported me – the good people of Dokki, Agouza and Imbaba constituencies – also including Meit Aqaba, Ard Al-Lowa and Mohandseen.”

He added, "It was God’s will that I lost that parliamentary seat by only a few votes, not exceeding 1%. But I’ve won the friendship and affection of many people for the first time, and gained the confidence of more than 154,000 people who gave me their votes inside and outside Egypt. I congratulate everyone of my fellow FJP and Democratic Alliance (DA) members, who gained the confidence of the people and the honor of representing them in parliament, and in particular brother Ayman Sadiq, with whom I worked as partners for two months in the electoral campaign in our constituency, who was a great help and support."

He continued: "I congratulate Dr. Amr Shobaki on winning the seat. I pray to God to help him discharge the heavy task placed on his shoulders. I’d like to say to all those who granted me their confidence that I will continue public work to serve Egypt, and Giza – where I am FJP Secretary General – I hope that, through my current position, God will help me serve the nation, regardless of my presence inside or outside the parliament. I will continue working and planning for the Party’s work in Giza – for the next stage. This is especially important after the people placed their trust in us and giving us this great number of seats in this governorate. We are determined to be worthy of the trust that we have gained.