After the failure in stigmatizing the Human Rights website of terrorist

After the failure in stigmatizing the Human Rights website of terrorist

The Supreme Administrative Court in Cairo decided today to postpone the case filed by Judge Abdul Fattah Murad to the session in July 4. the decision comes at the request of lawyers of the Ministry of Communications asking for time to comment on the memorandum of Abdul Fattah Murad, that contained new tactics included resorting the Administrative Judiciary Court to compel the Ministry of Communications of blocking pornography websites, as well as following the lead of some Arab governments hostile to freedom of the Internet, such as Tunisia and Saudi Arabia in blocking many websites.


The judge Abdul Fattah Mourad, had requested two years ago to block 49 websites for dissemination of the fact of his illegal copying of dozens of pages of the report of the Arabic Network for Human Rights on the freedom to use the Internet in the Arab world entitled ” Implacable Adversaries: Arab Governments and the Internet”, and reprinting those pages in a book commercially distributed. After disclosing the crime of infringement of intellectual property of the ANHRI, he filed a case of demanding blocking these websites, claiming that they are terrorist websites which harm the reputation of Egypt. when the Court rejected the case and asserted freedom of expression , he appealed against the sentence, and today he demands to follow the governments hostile to the Internet, such as Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Bahrain, giving several examples of websites that were blocked by those governments such as:


(Albawaba, Alnakid, Mahmoud Youssef, in Bahrain) and (Rased, Saudi Jeans, and Wikipedia, Flicker, civilized dialogue, Amasen in Saudi Arabia) and (Misryoun, Tunisia News, Al Arabiya, the Renaissance in Tunisia) and other sites that have been blocked under authoritarian governments, hostile to the Internet, and he asked Egypt to do the same.


Gamal Eid the Executive Director of ANHRI said; “we feel that there is a trick mad by that judge who insisted on signing his memo as legal adviser and Judge Dr. Abdul Fattah Murad. The judge who abused all the values of scientific research when he copied complete pages of the human rights report and reprinted them in a commercial book, without declaring his sources, The question now is that does he tries to confirm his being a judge, rather than his role in this case as a normal citizen and a publisher and owner of a print house that prints and sell books commercially, while totally violates the intellectual property rights”.


The Arabic Network believes that the Public Prosecutor did not take any action in the complaint submitted by the Arabic Network more than 26 months ago against Judge Murad, as well as the blatant bias of the Minister of Justice for that the judge made him think that he has got the green light to continue his enmity to the freedom of expression through many fabricated cases filed against ANHRI and Human Rights organizations, as well as many of the Egyptian and international websites, which uncovered his crime, such as “Kefaya, MADA, Nahdat Misr newspaper, El-Ghad newspaper, Manal and Alaa blog, Arbawi, Nora Younis, Bahrain forums , IFEX network, Index on Censorship, and others”.


The Arabic Network added; “Day after day, our situations are being proved to be correct. As we struggle against a judge who misuses his job in infringing the rights of others, with the support of some of the state systems that turn a blind eye to these practices. So we will not stop until the judge is punished for his crimes against us and against others”


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