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  • August 21, 2008
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After the letter to Obama

After the letter to Obama

Ayman Nour from his jail sent a message to Barack Obama , the American democratic Presidential candidate for the elections 2008 ,Al Masry Al Youm published a copy from the letter which I doubt that it reached to Obama as we did not hear anything from the U.S , the thing which makes me believe that Nour made it or wrote just to remind the world and the Egyptians with his agony , also to tease Mubarak and son by accusing them of sending him to jail because he stood against the father in the last presidential elections.

There is no reaction from the U.S but there were violent reactions from Cairo.
The pro-regime shadow parties which I barely can keep their names in my mind,also the pro-regime NDP lawyers raced to sue Nour as if he were a free person!! The lawsuits reached to the level of  treason “Shabab Misr Party” , yeah treason !! Wow that is really big word , Nour did not sell our secret airport location to Obama in his letter folks !! Already it is first time I hear that you can sue a person for treason , is n”t this a matter of national security nature  ??
The timing was for sure critical because the letter came after the trial of Saad El-Din Ibrahim and the denouncement of Margaret Scobey to the court order. It was an open invitation for the regime and his men to start the attack against the famous figures of liberalism in Egypt.

The campaign did not stop here.

The official newspapers started their attacked on a daily basis last week.Al Ahram and Rosa Al Youssef were in the lead , Abdullah Kamal wrote another letter to Obama , Ahmed Moussa wrote a very provoking report in a whole page last Saturday, I was going to lose my nerves when I read his essay despite I am not a Nour fan.He kept referring to Nour as the Prisoner and the Forgerer over and over in a sick way.

Ahmed Moussa is from the reasons why I do not trust or watch “Cairo Today Show” on Orbit.

Last week Mona El-Shazely interview Gamila Ismail , the wife of Nour about the letter her husband had sent , she believed that the letter won”t let her husband go.

Here is the interview ,you can watch it here , it is in Arabic.

BY the way Nour confirmed that he sent that letter to Obama from his jail .