Again, Zawahiri Slams Muslim Brotherhood

Again, Zawahiri Slams Muslim Brotherhood

Zawahiri’s latest audio release criticized the Muslim Brotherhood claiming its leaders come to Kabul on American tanks “talking about wanting to liberate it from the Taliban and agents of Pakistan,” according to the video recording of Zwahiri released in Al-Qaeda media outlet Al-Sahab. 

It has become customary to listen to speeches of Al-Qaeda second-in-command criticizing the Muslim Brotherhood, sometimes accusing it of “collaboration with the nation’s enemies” or saying MB adopts western style “secularist” ideas like democracy, and therefore it has renounced Islamic constants for the sake of some political gains.

The video release, like others that preceded it, reveals the failure of  Al-Qaeda in providing a successful model for an Islamic civilization project like that of the Muslim Brotherhood; and, worse, it deliberately distorts the image of moderate Islam that has proved that Islam offers a civilized notion of the state that is compatible with modern political ideas like democracy, elections, and the rule of law.

The Muslim Brotherhood has repeatedly denounced Al-Qaeda ideology that is far detached from the comprehensive understanding of Islam as a religion of peace and dialogue. While the MB believes in peaceful and gradual reform that comes through the ballot box and the will of the people under the rule of constitution, Al-Qaeda adopts a violent and exclusionist ideology that did nothing but spread a false image about Islam and Muslims around the world, leading to the killing of thousands of innocent people in the name of Jihad.

To support dialogue with the other is one of the values endorsed by the MB as a means for bridging the gap between the west and the Muslim world and promoting mutual understanding and world peace.  Resorting to violence is not justified nor permissible by Islam except in fighting occupation or military aggressions. Otherwise, the meaning of Jihad (struggle) has been misunderstood as an ideology of terror and destruction, which the Muslim Brotherhood completely rejects.  

Khaled Hamza, Ikhwanweb Editor