Agha warns of unfolding food crisis in besieged Gaza

Agha warns of unfolding food crisis in besieged Gaza

ROME — Palestinian minister of agriculture Dr. Mohamed Al-Agha warned of what he called “the unseen famine” which started to manifest itself in the besieged and impoverished Gaza Strip.

In a letter sent to the conference on world food security held in Rome on Sunday, Dr. Agha stated that people in Gaza lack a lot of nutrients and vitamins necessary for human life, which particularly affect the health of children and pregnant women and result in poor immunity.

He added that Gaza people have been suffering from a tight siege for more than three years, where Israel imposes a ban on shipments of dairy products, fresh food, meat and other vital needs to the Strip which leads to a rise in the incidences of anemia, osteomalacia and immunodeficiency.

The minister pointed to the Israeli restrictions imposed on the entry of veterinary vaccines and immunizations necessary for protecting livestock in Gaza.

Agha called on the conferees to help the Palestinian people live a decent life and support their families through robustly pressuring Israel to lift its siege on Gaza and end its violations against Palestinian fishermen and farmers.