Agreement to Withdraw Militants, Mashaal Attributes Fighting to US Interventions

Khalid Mashaal, Hamas politburo chief, demanded an immediate ceasefire, while Gaza witnessed a relatively peaceful night and the inter-Palestinian dialogues continued to fix the cease-fire in preparation for Mecca dialogue scheduled on Tuesday.

Mashaal said, yesterday in a press conference in the Syrian capital Damascus, that what is taking place in the Palestinian arena is not a regional battle, ” but it is a result of US-Zionist interventions for the service of a US strategic scheme in the region”.

Mashaal rejected again the US and Israeli interventions in the Palestinian affairs, and said that they are ” wicked interventions that aim at exploding the Palestinian situation to serve their purposes”.

Also, he praised the initiative of the Saudi King for stopping fight between Fatah and Hamas, and said that he will meet the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, in Mecca on Tuesday. He confirmed that Hamas will provide all suitable conditions for making these talks succeed, calling on Fatah to do the same.

For its part, Fatah Movement welcomed, through its spokesman in The West Bank Hussein Al Sheikh, Mashaal’s statements, and it said that it will go to Mecca open-heartedly aiming at reaching an agreement over all stuck issues .

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