Ahmad: The Palestinian people reject partition today as they did 62 years ago

Ahmad: The Palestinian people reject partition today as they did 62 years ago

The head of Hamas’s refugee department, Husam Ahmad, said that the conspiracy in 1947 which lead to the adoption of the partition resolution (181) aimed to legitimise the Balfour declaration.

In a press statement on Sunday Ahmad said that 62 years on this conspiracy has not stopped, as those international parties behind are very much interested today in keeping the Palestinians disunited so that they could impose their own political agenda which does not coincide with the Palestinian people’s aspirations.

He added that the partition resolution was effectively an extension of Sykes-Picot Agreement which divided the Arab world into statelets and that the division of Palestine aimed to create a fertile ground for the Zionist project.

He also said that over the past 62 years colonialist powers spearheaded by the United States tried to consolidate some form of legitimacy for this military base called “Israel” which for its part endeavoured for the past 62 years to consolidate its existence as a racist, inhuman entity in this region through repeated atrocities against the Palestinian people and other Arab people in the region.

He stressed that the partition resolution is illegal because it was based on the resutlts of the second world war, despite being issued by an international institution which has been extensively used as a tool to endorse the hostile policies of colonialist powers in different parts of the world.

Ahmad added that the Palestinian people still reject the partition resolution today as they did 62 years ago and the UN knows that the resolution is null and void without the Palestinians agreeing to it.

He stressed that the Zio-American project can only be confronted through Palestinian unity and insistence on the return of all Palestinian refugees to their homes which they were forced out of.