Ahwazis Arrested and Deported to Iran

In reference to a previous SHRC’s appeal regarding the arrest of a number of Ahwazis residing, visiting or studying in Syria and their deportation to Iran, the Media Centre of the Ahwazi Revolution said that it has got confirmed information  that the Syrian authorities admitted to UN High Commission of Refugees (UNHCR) that they handed Faleh Abdullah al-Mansouri, leader of Ahwaz Liberation Organisation over to the Iranian authorities despite the fact that he lives in Holland and holds its citizenship. He was arrested during a visit he made to Syria.

The Syrian authorities handed over a number of Ahwazis who had been granted the status of refugees and were waiting their turn for relocation in Norway and Canada.

Prior to this and in an unprecedented step, the Syrian authorities handed over Mr. Saeed Saaki to the Iranian authorities. He also was granted the status of refugee and was waiting his turn for relocation in Norway.

According to the abovementioned Media Centre, a number of Ahwazis are still detained in Syrian prisons. There is a considerable concern over the possibility of deporting them to Iran where the Iranian authorities practise torture routinely against them condemning them to death because they oppose the Iranian policies and demand the independence of the Arab Ahwazi region. It is worth to note that the ruling Syrian Ba’ath Party strongly backed Ahwazis before its recent alliance with the Iranian regime.

 Among the detainees are:

1- Taher Ali Mazra’a (42 years) has the status of refugee and waiting for relocation.
2- Rasool Ali Mazra’a has the status of refugee and waiting for relocation.
3- Jamal Obaidawi (32 years), university student, has the status of refugee and waiting for relocation.

The Syrian Human Rights Committee repeats its condemnation of the actions made by the Syrian authorities which violate the human rights treaties and covenants by handing over to the Iranian authorities refugees accepted by UNHCR. SHRC demands the immediate release of all Ahwazi detainees and permitting them to leave Syria. SHRC also demands UNHCR to request the Syrian and Iranian regimes to respect the international humanitarian treaties and to work for the release of the said detainees.

Syrian Human Rights Committee